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All our stamp duty advice is ratified by a qualified chartered accountant and is based on the current HMRC stamp duty legislation. 


Following a successful application in 2020, when we were able to reclaim money back for our clients from HMRC for transactions within 12 months of completion, we are now able to help clients on transactions from 2016. 


Click here if you would like advice on any land transaction since 2016

Case Study 2

The land for this development was bought by our client in May 2018 and was advised to pay a Stamp Duty obligation of £37,500.  We were given the opportunity to advise on this and managed to successfully reclaim 23% of the original payment and the HMRC corrected the error and refunded our client £8,700

Fox Owl Rise 11 to 17.jpeg

Case Study 1

This development plot was bought for £600,000 and was advised to pay £38,000 by his legal advisor.  Fortunately, before our client completed we were able to advise on the transaction and, following verification with HMRC and the current Stamp Duty guidelines, the client actually paid at completion a £20,000 obligation - a saving of £18,000.

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