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Our business is built on the desire to make buying and selling property as easy and straightforward as possible, but even our best efforts and expertise can occasionally be hindered by the outdated traditional property transaction process.

Which is why we're offering our clients the option of an online property auction.

Gone are the days when a property only went to auction if it was considered difficult to sell.  In a world where you can buy anything online, buying and selling property via an online auction offers both parties a quick, efficient and transparent transaction that provides certainty and a controlled timeframe. 

We've partnered with a pioneering online auction platform that allows properties to be reserved and exchanged online, immediately at the end of a specified time period. There is no risk of 'gazumping' or the other party pulling out of the deal at the last minute, leaving you with costly expenses and no sale. 

To discuss selling your property via our online property auction service, please get in touch.

Alternatively, if you are a buyer looking for a fast, efficient and stress-free method to purchase your next home head to our online property auction portal here

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